UNIX and MUMPS Infrastructure

This is a collection of infrastructure scripts to support applications written in the M or MUMPS environment, hosted by a UNIX (POSIX) operating system.

Current Emphasis

Presently the focus is for systems using Fidelity National's GT.M hosted on a UNIX (e.g. GNU/Linux and IBM/AIX).

GT.M is available on several platforms, yet it is only GPL'd on a few. Although it is expected that these scripts would run fine on any of those UNIX platforms (e.g. Tru64), since only GNU/Linux and IBM/AIX are available to the development team, those are the only ones on which the scripts are tested.


Currently, bash, the Bourne-Again SHell, is the expected shell. Very few of the extended capabilities are used, but since the development team does not have access to a real version of the Bourne shell, changes making them conformant with sh are welcome.

Contact Info

LD Landis
ldlandis at gmail dot com


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